We work closely with our clients to develop cleaning solutions to meet their needs. From new construction or remodel projects for condominiums, town homes, single-family dwellings, custom luxury homes, and “green” homes, we work on a variety of projects.

As an environmentally conscious business,
Custom Care Associates uses little to no chemicals, based on the client’s preference. For services that need sanitizing we offer a chemical-free process using ionized water. From dust removal with top-quality double HEPA filter vacuums to surface cleaning with micro-fiber cloths, we focus on detail cleaning with a low environmental impact for the safety of the home and homeowners.

Each project follows a 3-step process. The area is prepped, including the removal of protective coverings and debris. Then construction dust is eliminated with vacuuming and wiping. We stand out from the rest with our focus on the final step, polishing and detailing of surfaces. From the woodwork to a “stainless shine” to streak-free windows, each unit will be custom cleaned and look its best!

For a detailed procedure list, please Contact Us.

*Additional services available for remodels include dust removal from areas outside the project area, dust removal from personal items, windows in/out, vents, etc.

Pricing varies by project and is determined after a blueprint review or after a preview of the site. Pricing is based on square footage and hours worked on the job. Additional charges may apply for circumstances such as lack of running water/electricity, heavy debris removal and high ladder work.

For a project estimate, please email Lori Anderson at:
Lori@CustomCareAssociates.com or visit our Contact Us page for more information.